Deep breath…

Here I go. This is my first post on my professional blog, and MAN is it exciting/nerve wracking/ terrifying. I’ve always loved to write, but I didn’t really take myself seriously for a long, long time. That’s changing. I started writing press releases for a small self-publishing company about ten years ago, and that’s what made me think I could possibly do this on a full-time basis. I loved the challenge of finding the best in a book and creating a release that would make people want to read it. (Sometimes this was VERY challenging. Like, find-the-pony-in-a-stable-full-of-manure challenging.) Recently, I’ve started creating content for a marketing company, and I really enjoy the research aspect of this.  I’m given a topic, a rough guideline, and some acronyms, and they set me loose. With help from Google and the occasional SOS to my contact there, I write posts I’m truly proud to call mine. (Even if they’re published under another name.)  This is an adventure, and I’m setting off without a map. I love it.

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